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Detecting Inappropriate Use of Patient Savings Offers

You probably spend millions – even tens or hundreds of millions – trying to help patients lower their out-of-pocket costs through ”copay” programs, vouchers, and similar patients savings programs. It already takes a big bite out of profits, but what if some of the healthcare professionals you rely on to help you administer these programs – pharmacists and prescribers – are taking advantage of your good faith efforts and using your programs inappropriately – or even fraudulently? Would you even know when it occurs?

The dirty little secret of these programs is that your efforts to make these programs easy for patients, pharmacists and prescribers to use results in a system that can be ridiculously easy to use in inappropriate or even fraudulent ways, and your savings offer administrator is likely not in a great position to help you detect and stop those practices. And even if only a tiny percentage of pharmacies and prescribers are taking advantage of your generosity and good will, it can lead to millions of dollars in lost earnings.

So, what’s a well-meaning pharma brand or company to do? Can those lost profits be recaptured? Absolutely!

Our experienced team of marketing experts, pharmacists and data scientists took on the challenge of building the industry’s first copay monitoring program designed to specifically search for, detect, aggregate and heat map likely inappropriate and potentially fraudulent use of savings offers. That experience and those proprietary algorithms are now available to your team, in a ”packaged” service that can be deployed easily, likely using data that is already sent to you each month by your current savings offer administrator. The effort required by your personnel can be reduced to simply looking over a list and deciding where and how you want to start recouping lost earnings and adding lost profits back to your bottom line. Contact us to find out just how easy it can be to potentially recoup millions in lost profits.

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