About Corvus Solutions

Everybody has a story. This is ours…

Corvus Solutions is the consulting and project management arm of Think Patients LLC, our parent company. We also house all of Think Patients’ renowned EHR and Health IT expertise within Corvus Solutions, which allows us to serve our biopharma and life science clients with an expanded set of solutions, ideas, and services that go well beyond the original role of “EHR experts” that gave the company its original foundation.

If you’re new to Corvus Solutions, we’re glad you’re here. We are a company made up of strategists, solution architects, technologists, and project managers who help biopharma and life science companies do a better job engaging with and serving providers, patients, payers, and other important healthcare stakeholders. We do that by helping them marry technology, strategy, and process into what we like to call “practical innovation.” Our focus is on real-world solutions to the real-world problems faced by customers of biopharma and life science companies, and we pride ourselves on a practical approach. We’re also known for helping our clients avoid costly mistakes and “go-nowhere” projects, which some agencies and suppliers sadly encourage because they generate a bunch of billable hours for their firms. We’d rather build a long-term, lasting relationship in which we serve as trusted advisors to our clients, even if that means we forego some “bridge to nowhere” projects and the short-term revenue they provide. We take a long view of things, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the “Corvus” name, think back to biology class. “Corvus” is the genus of birds that includes ravens and crows. They’re known for being smarter, tougher, and more resourceful than other birds, but without needing to rely on a fancy show of colorful feathers. We’re a lot like that. We’re not trying to show off or claim credit for ourselves. Instead, we’re trying to make our clients look good, by helping them perform and deliver results. Given our emphasis on results and practicality, we saw Corvus as a perfect fit and namesake.

We serve clients across the U.S. from our office in the Philadelphia suburbs, and we’re happy to have a chat about how we can help you succeed—whatever your problems and opportunities might be. Give us a call or drop us an email to learn more.

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