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Optimization of Product Information for e-Prescribing & Digital Workflows

Success of your products depends on information from companies and systems that supply drug and device data to anyone using an electronic tool, such as an EHR. The collection of this data, from all of these sources, comes together to create what we call an electronic product identity, or e-PI.

The tricky part is, you don’t control these data sources. So when you are spending millions of dollars developing and launching a new product, only for that product to appear in a confusing or less-than-optimal way in the systems required for electronic prescribing, dispensing, and reimbursement, you might wonder how you could fix (or have prevented!) these issues. 

For the most part, these problems can be traced to the fact that product labels (prescribing information) aren’t designed to be interpreted by computers, and they aren’t built by teams who understand the way these documents must be interpreted and “translated” into specific structured data fields according to specific editorial policies employed by the companies who are publishing information about your product. 

To better understand what’s happening to your drug information, think of these publishing companies like busy airports, managing the traffic from several airlines. If one airline just stops doing the important pre-launch safety checks, there’s eventually going to be a crash. It’s the same with the launch of a new product (or new indication or dosage form of an existing product). These publishers are going to “launch” your information, whether you’ve prepared and optimized that information or not. Sometimes, things will be fine—but eventually, you’ll have a crash on takeoff. 

We built Corvus e-PI ManagerSM after too many companies came to us looking for help after a crash. We figured there had to be a better way to manage and monitor the third-party information that is so critical for a brand’s success—at launch and beyond. We assembled a team of highly trained personnel including pharmacists, marketers, former compendia employees, and health IT experts, and built an award-winning process to help you prepare for, launch, and manage your e-PI throughout the product’s lifecycle—for a smooth takeoff and comfortable flight. 

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