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Streamlined Market Research & End-User EHR Experience Monitoring

You know you have a great product, but how does it really appear to a prescriber inside their EHR? Would you even know you had a problem?

What if you just need fast, accurate insights from verified, real-world prescribers but don’t have the time or budget for a “formal” market research study?

Or what if you need a full-blown market research effort that includes surveys and depth interviews, but need to combine those with insight into how prescribers view and use your product as they go through their day-to-day workflows?

Corvus InsightsSM can meet all those needs, and more.

Our proprietary, nationwide network of HCPs provides a fast, economical, and reliable way to ensure products are available in leading EHRs and allows you to better understand health IT capabilities and workflows, benchmark your competitors, and gather real-world HCP opinions about current and potential programs you might wish to offer.

Corvus Insights gives you access to actual, practicing users of a wide variety of leading EHRs (and across a variety of medical specialties) who are able to report what they see on their EHR screens. That gives you the ability to track real-world product availability and appearance that can be critical to your product launch, but many clients are now also using this unique service to either augment or replace some of their existing market research efforts. HCP surveys, depth interviews, and more can be built using this unique, proprietary research and insights service, available only through the Corvus SolutionsSM team.

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