Quickly Finding and Fixing an EHR Problem Can Save Millions

  • A manufacturer’s unique product was launched as a controlled substance, but was de-scheduled shortly after launch – which greatly improved its sales potential
  • However, more than a year after this de-scheduling, a small number of representatives reported to the Health IT Hub that customers were again seeing the product as a scheduled drug in their prescribing systems
  • Working with field reps, compendia publishers, and directly with selected EHRs, we quickly discovered that an unannounced change in the data format of a single data field from a major compendia publisher was causing certain EHRs to read the product’s classification history — starting with the old scheduling of the product — rather than the product’s current status
  • Our team was able to work with the compendia publisher to have the data corrected, and with several EHRs to create a temporary “patch” to fix the problem
  • Without a system to rapidly discover and investigate this issue, the manufacturer believes the problem could have existed for months before it was identified, communicated internally, and addressed. This rapid discovery and resolution is believed to have prevented millions in lost sales and market share
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