We’ve Confused Our Prescribers!

  • A manufacturer eagerly awaited the launch of the new version of their product, which was dramatically easier to administer than their original version, and expected to significantly increase product sales. But the product wasn’t selling as planned, and the team was baffled because market research strongly predicted great product acceptance
  • It turned out that the original product development team hadn’t planned for the digital limitations of compendia listings and EHRs. Our investigations discovered that the product name was being truncated in several leading EHRs, so the form of the product — the very factor that differentiated it from the old version — was not visible to many prescribers within their EHRs. So, they selected a competitor!
  • Working with the manufacturer, we developed an appropriate request for a change in the product’s compendia listings, which was adopted by most publishers. This subsequently improved most listings of the product within EHRs, so that the product could be readily identified
  • Later, this brand launched a third form of this product. But this time, we assisted with the label planning and compendia preparation. The new product launched successfully, which we confirmed through our proprietary monitoring service
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