Planning for Product Appearance in Customers’ EHRs

  • A manufacturer planned to launch a follow-up to an existing biological product, but needed to know whether their new product would likely appear in a way that prescribers would understand
  • By surveying our panel of HCPs — representing a nationwide cross-section of EHRs and health systems — we identified a high level of variance for similar products across EHR systems — and even among various health systems that used the same major EHR supplier
  • Based on this information, the manufacturer was able to predict the new product’s appearance in EHRs with great accuracy, and train their sales force to deal with these variances effectively, and without being distracted
  • As an added bonus, the manufacturer’s contracting team was able to include specific EHR appearance requirements in their health system contracts, helping to ensure that local EHR factors wouldn’t hinder product sales
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