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Optimization of Product Information for e-Prescribing & Digital Workflows

Companies spend millions of dollars developing and launching a new product, and the weeks after product launch are critical to that product’s success. But what if your new product appears in a confusing or less-than-optimal way to prescribers using the wide variety of EHRs and other digital tools to e-prescribe or start patients on therapy? Would you even know? The results can be devastating, and can even mean the difference between years of product success or a stalled launch and suboptimal sales. This is a problem because product labels (prescribing information) aren’t designed to be interpreted by computers. Because of that, product information often ends up being poorly translated into the structed data fields necessary for EHRs and other digital workflow tools. Compendia publishers attempt to translate product labels into those structured data fields, but they’re forced to do so within incredibly tight timelines and without the luxury of time, research and planning that you want to occur for your product. These essential data sources supply almost the entire U.S. Health IT market with product information, so this is not place to cut corners or just hope things are interpreted correctly. Thankfully, there’s a proven solution designed to solve this problem!

Corvus Launch ManagerSM is an award-winning service that works with your product development and launch teams to help prevent compendia, EHR and digital workflow problems – and optimize the probability of launch success – by allowing a team of highly trained personnel including pharmacists, marketers, and a team experienced with these listings to research similar products, develop label and compendia recommendations, and even help prepare your compendia filings for all major U.S. pricing compendia. Then the team monitors each of these compendia for appearance of your product to help you forecast and plan for those critical early days of product launch. And because they’re brought to you by the same company, Corvus Launch Manager is designed to work with Corvus InsightsSM to help you track product availability down to the individual EHR level for many leading EHR suppliers, giving you near-real-time views of product availability across a wide swath of the U.S. prescriber market.

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