Designing & Managing a Clinical Decision Support Pilot

  • The U.S. arm of a leading life science company asked us to help them design and implement a program designed to study the effects of clinical decision support (CDS) on HCP behavior and improvements in patient care. The client’s many brand teams were clamoring to invest in this area as multiple companies attempted to sell sponsorship, but the company lacked policies and to guide those initiatives, and spending by individual teams would have resulted in inefficient and potentially unwise investments.
  • Working under the direction of the company’s innovation’s leader, we designed an approach that allowed the company’s oversight committees to learn about Health IT and CDS as they developed policies to guide the organization. We also began the vetting and diligence process to find suitable supplier partners in parallel to these activities.
  • Following our suggested three-pronged approach, the company contracted and conducted pilot programs with an EHR supplier focused on the small practice market, another focused on group practices and small health systems, and a third focused on the large, institutional/enterprise market for EHRs.
  • This multi-year program generated concrete data about the effect of CDS on HCP behavior even as it prevented millions of dollars of inefficient spending by brand teams, freeing up scarce resources for more brand-appropriate investments.
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