Creating a Health IT-Savvy Life Science Company

  • A life science company with several thousand sales representatives and more than 15 promoted brands found that its commercial and medical affairs personnel were sorely lacking in their understanding of health information technology, and this was impacting their ability to connect with customers in a relevant way.
  • Through a series of engagements and programs sponsored by the organization’s training & development leadership, sales team, marketing leadership and innovations team, we worked with the client to create a multi-faceted learning program suitable for a variety of roles and levels, and delivered via a variety of methods. Core elements included:
    • A series of computer-and tablet-based self-learning programs
    • Regularly scheduled web sessions with sales personnel, with both lecture and Q&A
    • A lecture series that featured leading experts (CIO, Health Economist, Supplier CEO)
    • Focused training sessions for Medical, Legal, Regulatory, Compliance, and Privacy
    • Lectures and group sessions at national and regional company meetings
    • Day-long and multi-day workshops for personnel in selected roles and markets
  • The program delivered dramatic increases in knowledge and field credibility while also empowering more informed policy decisions and guidance by oversight personnel. The company also continues to invest in similar and expanded programs today.
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