Aligning a Global Product Team in Support of Biosimilar Defense

  • A leading biological product manufacturer with dominant global market share was experiencing biosimilar competition in emerging markets, and feared entry into more developed markets. They had the foundation of a defense strategy, but needed to align more than twenty markets around the globe to support it and create a global voice.
  • Working with the global brand team, we created a three-prong approach to aligning these global teams while also gaining support for the strategy from KOLs around the globe. This included:
    • Use of video and animation to help explain the unique characteristics of the product
    • Creation of an engagement process designed to allow global KOLs to “stress test” the team’s storyline and gain insight into relevant issues, culminating in a global KOL alignment, ideation, and feedback event
    • Use of gamification techniques to support a communication and alignment process that allowed global marketing and medical team discussions to focus on consensus building rather than “loudest voices win”
  • These strategies and processes led to the alignment of more than twenty local market teams around a central strategy and message. The resulting plan was utilized by the company in markets around the globe for several years, resulting in billions of dollars in retained product sales and corporate earnings.
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